Building Bridges through Fellowship and Service

Monday, July 1, 2019

Giovanna Chiara, President Rotary Club Zurich International

Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,

In the last few decades we haven’t stopped seeing new walls being built around the world, whether they are physical walls between nations, or economic ones due to trading cold wars or resource supply control, or simply due to cultural bias or uncompassionate assumptions.

Faced with this scenario, being a Rotarian assumes an even deeper meaning. This is because Rotary is a “beyond all borders” network of talented people, united in values, who pursue the good through powerful synergies.

Our International club with its service activity is a tangible example of what it means to develop impactful collaborations out of diversity. By being a link between the local and international elements of our community, we are contributing to promoting sustainable peace.

No one can succeed alone, even if driven by the highest purpose. Our club and our community need everyone’s energy and talent in order to make a sustainable impact. Every person, every experience and every interaction teaches us something and enriches us, if we are open to embrace it, making us stronger people united in action.

Let’s keep walking together into a new Rotary year with our eyes open and our soul listening to the hidden potentials around us, building on these opportunities to achieve a greater sense of fellowship and service.

Yours Truly,