Dinner: Heinz Schenkel: A Manager in Search of Meaning

Wednesday, 25 April 2018, Restaurant Belvoirpark

Former Rotarian Heinz Schenkel, (RC Zürich-Bellerive, before he installed a second residence in Greece), known from talk shows and films about self-development, worked for many years as a manager. After that he founded and ran a consulting firm for change management and was a lecturer at management schools. Now he works as a life coach and companion in the development of a self-determined life perspective.

After many years in successful management, he was unexpectedly confronted with the question of the meaning of life and, along with it, the question of the importance of success and recognition. He embarked on a journey during which he got to know himself and the world in which he lives much better. Probably the most important finding was that even in an unpredictable and complex world, we can lead our lives independently, safely and securely.

He has put his point of view in a book "Vom Sockel auf die Füsse (With Intuition through a Complex World)" and looks forward to sharing his personal experiences with us.