Dinner : Vaughan James from Water Survival Box Switzerland.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018, Restaurant Belvoirpark

"Vaughan James is a photographer and personally got involved with the charity when he was invited by Rotary in Lucern to use his images for the launch of Water Survival Box Switzerland. Since then he has been involved with the charity with a series of his exhibitions of Water the Essential, in this way engaging members of the public and other Rotary Clubs in London. He is passionate about using art as a potential agent of change.

The Water Survival box is a compact box with a water filter and survival equipment to help people in the immediate
aftermath of a natural disaster. It can provide clean drinking water for a family of 5 for up to five years.
The great thing about the box is its relatively low cost of 200 francs, including airfreight to the disaster zone.
Recently the boxes have been distributed to the Caribbean after the hurricane. This year 100 plus boxes were sent to Syria."