Pistolenschiessen at RC Zurich Nord

Monday, 28 August 2017, Restaurant Belvoirpark

16:00‐19:00 shooting with sport pistol 25m at "Schiessanlage Albisgütli"
17:00‐19:00 shooting with army weapon 25m at "Schiessanlage Albisgütli"
19:00‐19:30 Apéro at Schützenhaus Albisgütli
19:30‐21:00 Dinner at Schützenhaus Albisgütli


Fr. 75.‐ on site. (only shooting & apéro: Fr. 30.‐, only Apéro & Dinner Fr. 45.‐)
Please bring the proper amount in cash. Minors are free if accompanied by a Rotarian parent. Drinks are not included with dinner.

Register by August 10th per email with: e.rogantini@bluewin.ch (please say which parts you will participate in shooting / apero / dinner). Guests and partners are welcome.