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Welcome to Rotary Club Zurich Belvoir International

Welcome to the Rotary Club Zurich Belvoir International!

Founded in 2007, the Rotary Club Zurich Belvoir International offers its members a platform to help our local and international community through hands-on service projects and fundraising. We reflect daily our high ethical standard at our place of work and cultivate long lasting Rotarian friendships through our service and fellowship. As the only English-speaking club in the region, we offer international Rotarians travelling to Zurich or those who intend to live in the Greater Zurich Area, the opportunity to take part in our club meetings. We look forward to your visit. Follow us on Twitter @rotaryzbelvoir, Facebook and Linkedin.


7th Annual run4change Charity Run WAS HELD ON Sunday, April 14th, 2019

Thank you to all the runners, families and friends who participated. We especially thank our sponsors who made the run possible: Montessori Infant Community, Generali, CocaCola Hellenic, Premium Energy, Mietzelt, Gumpiburg and Stadt Zürich Sportamt.

As a club we aim to help disadvantaged children as part of our international service goals. Join us in our cause and engage as a runner, as a group challenge or as a sponsor for run4change! The idea is simple. Gather sponsors to donate for each lap you run, or walk. Every donation goes 100% directly toward FAED Haiti a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Haitians. The specific project will provide support to improve the  education of deaf children in the only dedicated resource to this effort in Haiti. The invitation is for the entire family, in addition to running laps, children ages 6 - 12 will have the opportunity to win points by competing in fun activities. Thus our slogan children helping children.

If you would just like to make a donation, you can do this simply and easily with PayPal or credit card on our donation page.

Are you interested to get involved as a sponsor or have any other questions concerning the event? Please write to us at info@run4change.ch.




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